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Fantasy Stocks for You and Your Co-Workers.

Team building through casual competition. Spend fake money each week on four stocks curated by us and compete to determine who made the most money by close of market on Friday.

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It's so fun to crush my co-workers at what is essentially a game of chance.

Tyler Snowden, Developer at MondayPicks

Each week has a new set of stocks.

Investing in the stock market isn't a game. But it is for us. Start each week with new contest to see who can make the best picks. It's not real money, but it is real fun.

The volatility of the stock market makes this competition exciting and ever changing. Part insight and part luck, you'll never know who will come out on top in your group.

We'll keep it unique each week. One week will be stocks most likely to fail, another week will be stocks in the fast food industry. You'll never know what you'll get to pick from each week.


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